Switch Bones: A wee tour of Scotland

I know, I know, I’ve been talking it up about how I’ll be back to updating my blog frequently, motivating myself into taking more photos, blah blah blah. The truth is I’ve actually have been motivated to get out and shoot a bit more, but when it’s come to writing or posting about it, I’ve always got some excuse to “do it next week”. But here I am now. I’ve got my home office set up, some really interesting jobs are coming in (which I promise I’ll share with you in the next few weeks, you have my word!), and I’ve organised my workflow better, so I really do have no excuse.

last week, my band Slowlight hit the road for a brief four day tour around the central belt of Scotland with out Dutch pals Switch Bones. We hit up Glasgow, Dundee, Perth and finally Edinburgh for some high-octane punk rock, and we all had an absolute blast. I really love the community that you get to be involved in at these shows, wether it be playing in a band or just being there for the ride. Getting to document it all as a photographer is something I’m really grateful for as well. It’s like a little family photo album of chaos.


Glasgow - March 28 2018(2 of 39).jpgGlasgow - March 28 2018(15 of 39).jpgGlasgow - March 28 2018(17 of 39).jpgDundee - March 29 2018(5 of 40).jpgDundee - March 29 2018(20 of 40).jpgDundee - March 29 2018(35 of 40).jpgDundee - March 30 2018(38 of 40).jpgDundee - March 29 2018(37 of 40).jpgDundee - March 29 2018(34 of 40).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(10 of 79).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(19 of 79).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(16 of 79).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(66 of 79)Perth - March 30 2018(69 of 79)Perth - March 30 2018(50 of 79).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(8 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(10 of 56).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(46 of 79).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(34 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(28 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(38 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(48 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(43 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(49 of 56).jpgEdinburgh - March 31 2018(55 of 56).jpg

Big thanks to Paul and Wilco for taking a few of these great shots on my camera as well:Perth - March 30 2018(28 of 79).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(25 of 79).jpgPerth - March 30 2018(27 of 79).jpgPerth - March 31 2018(73 of 79).jpg

Neil Jarvie

Freelance photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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