A Quick 2018 Update

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last update so I thought I’d just do a quick check in. I’ve been busy with shoots and moving out of my studio space, so I’ve just not had the time to properly sit down and write something.

In my previous post I spoke about doing a photo a day project this year, and I kept it up for a couple of weeks, however I felt I was just being counter-productive with it. A project like that can be really good for getting you inspired, however if you can’t put 100% into it the whole time, you end up taking photos for the sake of it and inevitably you’re not happy with them. This was pretty much what happened with me, plus with moving out of the studio space, being busy with work and even busier with home life, it just wasn’t the right time. That’s not to say that I’m still not planning to shoot more, actually the opposite! This year I’m trying to plan a lot more in terms of my own shoots and concepts, and I’ll be sure to blog them as they happen.

Anyway, just one photograph today. Last week I went out with the wonderful Run into the Night again to shoot the artwork for their upcoming single “The Devils Rhythm”. Always setting fire near the Loch’s with that lot. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the photographs once the music is released.

RITN test - January 28, 2018 (1 of 1)

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