Be Your Own God Clothing Shoot

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with a big studio move for me, so here’s a wee blog post from the archives.

This one’s a photo shoot for Be Your Own God clothing from September 2016. John Paul and I really wanted to go with a high contrast pub look, but it was a little bit too bright even for that. We managed to get a few good shots though, and when it clouded over a little bit we went round to Kelvingrove Park for some wider/dramatic walking shots. We’ll hopefully be collaborating again soon, so keep an eye out on BYOG’s Instagram page.

BYOG - September 12, 2016(1 of 7)BYOG - September 12, 2016(2 of 7)BYOG - September 12, 2016(3 of 7)BYOG - September 12, 2016(4 of 7)BYOG - September 12, 2016(5 of 7)BYOG - September 12, 2016(6 of 7)BYOG - September 12, 2016(7 of 7)

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