A Quick Look Back at a Day in Perth, Australia

Hi Everyone. Just a short post this week as I’m in the midst of a mountain of work in the studio, but I thought I’d crack out a hard drive from last year and pick one day to share. That day was June the 16th, 2016, when I was in Perth, Australia on my way home from my friends Sarah-Jane and Aaron’s wedding in Brisbane. I stopped over for a few days in Perth to visit my old friend Mikey, who moved out there a few years prior. We started off with surfing (I say “we”, but actually it was just Mikey, while I sat on the beach and got cold watching everyone out there) and then headed out for some beers.

I’ll be honest, where we went that day is a bit of a mystery for me right now, although I promise I will endeavour to find out. I hadn’t really got into the habit of writing down where I’d been when travelling, and even if I had, we sank a fair few beers that day. I distinctly remember getting home at a completely reasonable hour like 7pm and being out for the count. For now, I’ll let the photographs do the talking for the day and I’ll maybe fill in the blanks with a re-edit in the near future. Enjoy!

Perth - June 16, 2016(1 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(2 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(3 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(4 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(5 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(6 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(7 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(8 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(9 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(10 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(11 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(12 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(13 of 14)Perth - June 16, 2016(14 of 14)

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