Chiptune: My First Experience of a Live Show in Glasgow

In August 2013, I found myself heading into Glasgow on a sunny evening to check out my first ever chiptune show at what was The Roxy 171. Even though I listened to chiptune now and then, I had never been to a live show, and to be honest I really had no idea what to expect. I grabbed my camera anyway, on the off chance that there would be something to photograph. And there definitely was.

The line up was BIT FACE, King KeytanThe LaohuSkip Cloud and chipzel. I’d heard a few songs from both Skip Cloud and Chipzel, but nothing from the other local acts. The gig started off slow but steady (as most shows do), but with each act the place got busier and rowdier. By the time Chipzel was headlining, there was full on broken glass, crowdsurfing and “taps aff” everywhere.

Now, you may have realised from my previous posts that I go to a lot of punk shows, so this kind of thing is standard for me. What I didn’t expect, however, was to see that mentality at a show of people standing on a stage with a gameboy in their hands. Not that I’m saying it was strange, in fact it made the gig feel more electric and somewhat more underground. It felt as though this was the new “punk” of the 70s, and I was having a blast.

Here’s a wee collection of some of the shots I took that night. I’ve been to a few great shows since, but for me they’ve just not captured the energy that I saw on display that night. Maybe that’s just an excuse for me to go out there and try and find it again by going to more shows though.

BIT FACEChipblog - August 16, 2013(1 of 18)

King KeytanChipblog - August 16, 2013(2 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(3 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(4 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(5 of 18)

The LaohuChipblog - August 16, 2013(6 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(7 of 18)

Skip CloudChipblog - August 16, 2013(8 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(9 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(10 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(11 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(12 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(13 of 18)

ChipzelChipblog - August 16, 2013(14 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(15 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(16 of 18)Chipblog - August 16, 2013(17 of 18)Chipblog - August 17, 2013(18 of 18)

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