The end of 2016.

Before I set out to write this post, I had the idea in my head that I’d post a photograph from each month of 2016 to tell a kind of visual story of my year. Shortly after I begun to look through my monstrous stack of hard drives, I realised that 2016 was somewhat of a strange year for me in terms of photography. I was busy, I was still doing a load of personal projects, I travelled a lot, and yet there seemed to be something just missing from my overall body of photography. I couldn’t tell what it was. Maybe it’s just my mindset?

The end of 2016 was really rough for me and my family when my mum passed away in November, and pretty much from the end of October, the days of me picking up my camera were few and far between. Still being in this head space of being affected by such a thing not only brings my motivation down in terms of shooting, but also on looking back through what I’ve already shot. I know this wont be forever though, but mum was always one of my biggest fans and it feels strange to not have those e-mails or phone calls where I’d send her what I’d been doing and she’d tell me what she thought. I guess this end of year blog would have been something we would discuss at some point after I’d published it. Maybe knowing this has sucked some motivation out of me. Who knows? I endured to go along with looking through anyway, trying to put any lack of motivation out of my mind.

Once I started to have a little look through everything, there was one thing was apparent. I really went overboard with photographing people in front of walls. Looking through each month, I could actually find at LEAST one instance of someone in front of a wall (with the exception of the later months when I wasn’t using my camera). So that was my theme.

So, here it is. 2016. A year of walls.

January – Slowlight


February – Daisy


March – Shaun


April – Lisa


May – Laura


June – Benjamin Blue


July – Shaun


August – Liam


September – John Paul


October – Debay


November – Mum’s Garden


December – Chris


OK, so the last two are kind of the odd ones out, but in November I barely touched my camera other than to photograph my mum’s garden as she was sick, and December the only time I took it out was a trip to Glencoe, and surely that counts as one big wall? No? Oh well, 10/12 isn’t too bad.


Neil Jarvie

Freelance photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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